Prince of Wales Weeding Workout

Date: Tuesday, July 17

Venue: Royal Sweatshop (Technical Services)

Participation: Individual event


Event Description: In this individual (not team), timed event with four stations, athletes will retrieve items to be weeded and follow instructions to either recycle or box them for shipment. Athletes will then toss bags into a hamper and race it along a predetermined course to the finish line.  This is a timed event.

To Register: Send your name and the name of this event to the IOOC Coordinator before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. Walk-ons also welcome. Note: Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


1.    Rules are read to athletes.
2.    Clock starts, athlete gets a flyer with a list of titles and the exact volumes for each title on it, goes to the shelf and finds the items that match their list.
3.    Athlete pulls the items and looks at weeding information that tells them how to handle the item.  
4.    Items to be recycled are tossed into a bin.  If they miss, they have to put the item in the bin.
5.    Items to go to the depository are taken to a packing area where they are boxed, taped, labeled, and stacked neatly.  
6.     A stack of cloth courier bags stuffed with paper will be on a table.  The athlete participant tosses the bags (as if throwing a shot put)  into a hamper 10 feet away.  If they miss the hamper, they have to retrieve the bag and put it in the hamper.
7.    Athlete then “runs” with the hamper along a predetermined race course to a finish line.
8.    The clock is stopped when the athlete (not just the hamper) crosses the finish line.


This is a timed event. The winner is the athlete with the lowest time after penalty seconds are added.
1.    Items that aren’t pulled when they should have been or that are pulled when they shouldn’t have been are assigned 10 additional seconds per item.
2.    Items that are put in the wrong category (recycle or boxed) are assigned 5 additional seconds per item.
3.    Boxes that are not neatly stacked are assigned a penalty of 5 additional seconds per item.
4.    The judgment of the scoring officials is final.

Judges: Five August Technical Services judges: Two Keepers of Tyme; Two Judges A-Reshelving, One Mega Judge