Wimbledon Ping Pong

Date: Tuesday, July 17 and continuing as needed

Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor Library)

Participation: Individual Event


Event Description: It was just a matter of time after they started playing volleyball in the sand that some sports enthusiast would take it to the next dimensions and create periodical ping pong. Yes, that's right, no paddles -- but a withdrawn current or bound journal! Of special meaning, perhaps, for those who have had it up to here with journal inflation.

To Register: Send your name and the name of this event to the IOOC Coordinator before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. Walk-ons also welcome. Note: Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


1. This is played like regular ping pong, with the following exception: instead of the normal ping pong paddle, participants will use a bound journal recently retrieved from the Weed Pile.

2. The game will be played more or less according to the written rules of table tennis in the Sports Rules Encyclopedia (pp. 543-553) - GV731 .S75 1990

3. Games will be played to11 points, rally scoring (you do not have to serve to score). Service will be decided by farthing coin toss.

4. Participants will be "seeded" based upon a random drawing. The competition will proceed through multiple games to determine the Gold, Bronze, and Silver winners.

Judge: Tony Snyder