Step-in-Time Stair Marathon

Date: Monday, July 23

Venue: Olympic Stairdome (back stairway by May 4 Room)

Participation: Individual event


Event Description: To climb the most stairs within the allotted time.

To Register: Send your name and the name of this event to the IOOC Coordinator before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. Walk-ons also welcome. Note: Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


  1. Participants will begin the event on the bottom step of the first floor and climb the stairs to the third floor where he/she will pick up a "calories burned" slip and then descend to the first floor to begin a new set of stair climbing.
  2. Time duration is 3 minutes. When time is called, the participants will stop climbing the stairs and return to the first floor with their "calories burned" slips.
  3. One "calorie burned" slip = 1 completion of stair climbing from the first to the third floors.
  4. The participant with the most "calories burned" slips (i.e. most stairs climbed) wins the event. In the event of a tie, the person closest to completing a set will be declared the winner.

NOTE: Participants should wear loose fitting clothing and proper footwear.

Judges: Jamie Seeholzer and Tina Ughrin