Stones of Stonehenge

Date: Thursday, July 19

Venue: Reference Shire (Reference Center, 1st floor)

Participation: 2-person team


Event Description: How did the ancients manage to build the Stonehenge monument? Through teamwork, that's how. Join in on this event with your colleague to demonstrate teamwork lives! Team member #1 will balance on one hand a stack of 4 book dummies and walk/run a lap to the end of the reference shelving unit and back. There, the stack is handed off to team member #2, adding two additional pieces to the stack. This relay is repeated. The team who has the most books in their stack (after completing a “lap” or length of reference shelving) after 30 seconds without dropping any wins. Winners will be determined by the overall number of books successfully carried down the reference shelving unit and completed laps.

To Register: Send your name and the name of this event to the IOOC Coordinator before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. Walk-ons also welcome. Note: Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


1. Team members must start behind the designated line.
2. Dummies must be held using only one hand.
3. A lap is complete when the team member has walked the length of the reference shelf and crossed the end line marker.
4. Additional dummies can be added to the stack only at the completion of a complete lap circuit.
5. If the time expires in the middle of a lap, only the number of pieces that have completed a lap will be counted for the final tally
6. At no time during a lap may any player, the carrier or the relay partner, touch the top of the dummy stack
7. No connecting device can be used to stick/ hook/ or compel by means other than gravity to keep the pieces together

Judging: Winners will be determined based on the total number of book dummies carried after 30 seconds on a complete lap circuit.

Judges: Edith Scarletto, Vanessa Earp