Crumpet Crawl Donut Dash

Date: Wednesday, July 18

Venue: Field of Dreams

Participation: Team event


Event Description: Teams of two - first person runs through obstacle course with a donut on a spoon. Teammate eats said donut sans hands. Repeat, with teammates trading places. You may be good, but practice could give you the competitive edge.

To Register: Send your name and the name of this event to the IOOC Coordinator before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. Walk-ons also welcome. Note: Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


  1. One team member is stationed at eating table
  2. Second team member at starting table selects and picks up a donut with small plastic spoon and then runs, with donut, thru an obstacle course to deliver donut to teammate.
  3. If donut falls off spoon, team member must start over. (The crowd could be given the opportunity to eat the fallen donut so as not to be wasteful...)
  4. Team member at eating table eats donut without using hands! Hands can be used to sip water during the consumption of the donut.
  5. Teammates reverse roles and repeat process.

Scoring: This is a timed event.

Judges: Anita Clary, Pam Lemmons, Mary Lovin