Walk-About Telephone Tag

Date: Tuesday, September 19

Venue: Room 161, Reference Office

Participation: Teams of two participants


Event Coordinators Mary Lovin and Cindy Rasmussen managed this event with a very unexpected outcome. Who could have imagined the intensity of the participants who made up the three teams? The clues where there, actually, as the athletes appeared at the venue early to begin their rigourous pre-competition workout.

This was a demanding, intense event requiring an amazing amount of concentration and teamwork....

There was the paperclip hook and unhook lap (why are the spectators smiling?)

The next lap required use of the University online phonebook (enough said)....

And then the hyped phone transfer segment. We will not talk about which team suffered from a dropped call.

Finally, the phone draw......

The judges (Lovin/Rasmussen) could not believe the results and awarded the first-ever tie of the Office Olympics:

Gold: Team Balraj/Radcliff

Silver: Team Bahhur/Schloman and Team Leavy/O'Connor

Event Description: Remember phone training? Well, here is your chance to demonstrate your telephony proficiency. Walk-About Telephone Tag will feature two-person teams pushing the envelope on telephone transfer along with other office skills. The entire event will be timed. Any tie in the timed event will be broken based on the subjective judging of the artistic quality of the drawing the participants create at the end of the event.

To Register: Form your team and send the names and the name of this event to Mary Lovin (mlovin@lms.kent.edu) before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. That's all there is to it and you are in!


1. One team member will begin by chaining together 10 small paperclips and passing the completed chain to their fellow team member who will unchain all 10 paperclips. This event will get your fingers nimble for the telephone transfer part of this race. This will take place in the Reference lunch/work room.

2. The two team members will then proceed to the consulting office and a judge will dial a telephone extension. A team member will run through the maze of offices and find the ringing telephone. After the team member picks up the telephone, the judge will give the team member another number to transfer her to and then the other team member again finds the ringing phone and follows the judge's directions for transferring her again. Team members alternate finding the ringing phone and getting the judge's directions for the next transfer 8 times in all.

3. Both team members are instructed when the 8th telephone transfer will take place and after transferring to the 8th destination, team members will go to the Consulting Office and follow directions for looking up three administrators and 2 students' numbers using the University's Web telephone book through Netscape.

4. Team members will decide who will run to the final station in the back of the Reference Telephone Maze and draw the telephone.

Judges: Cindy Rasmussen & Mary Lovin