Book Balance Beam

Date: Tuesday, September 26

Venue: The Gymnasium on Ayers Rock (Special Collections' Reading Room, 1212 Library)

Participation: This is an individual event


The Judges



Gold: Gloria Tronge

Silver: Sandy Smith

Bronze: Linda Hermann

This cinches it--ballet lessons do payoff......what grace!

The Event Coordinators really pulled out the stops on this one. Hosted on Ayers Rock (Special Collections) -- famed for its 12th story view -- athletes competed in the genteel setting of old books and artifacts. As if the setting itself were not enough, the exhibit cases celebrated sport....AND, the Office Olympics (yes, the very same) had their own exhibit case. This is an extraordinary tribute to this competition!


Event Description: It is pretty darn obvious that there is alot of experience among staff in walking a thin line. This is a chance to put that hard-earned experience to use and dazzle the competition. With our direct line to Coach Bella Karoli, there's the possibility this could lead to something even bigger. Although only women will complete in the balance beam competition in Sydney, the Office Olympics 2000 Book Balance Beam competition will be open to anyone who has enough gumption to sign up.

To Register: Send your name and the name of this event to Mary Lovin ( before 10 a.m. of the day of this event. That's all there is to it and you are in!


1. Our balance beam will be tape on the floor which is the exact width and length of a regulation Olympic-size balance beam.

2. Each athlete will perform a set routine provided by the judges, while balancing a book on their head (the book will be provided--although subject matter will likely be heavy, you can expect the book to be of medium weight).

3. Points will be awarded by the judges for keeping the book on your head as long as possible during the routine, as well as for style and grace of execution.

Note: No special attire is required and the routine may be performed with or without shoes on.

Judges: Kate Medicus, Jeanne Somers, Nancy Birk, Maggie Castllani