Office Olympic Symbols



Kent State University Libraries & Media Services "Birthplace of the Office Olympics"

Office Olympic Emblem

Created in 2012 by Hilary Kennedy and Jesse Snyder (SMS).

The Torch

Original: Dating from the First Office Olympiad in 1996, the Office Olympics torch was designed by Jim Hurguy (now of Teleproductions, but who in 1996 participated under the Libraries & Media Services' Audio Visual Services flag).
2012 Replacement: Created by Hilary Kennedy and Jesse Snyder (SMS)


Office Olympics Logos

1996: The Road to Glory was designed by Jim Hurguy.

2000: The Games from Down Under was created by Joy Leavy, working under the Reference Department flag.

2004: The Games of the Gods was created by Jim Hurguy

2008: Dynasty Games created by Jeph Remley (LMS Web Team)

2012: The Reign of Glory created by Jesse Snyder (SMS Student Assistant)



Interdivisional Office Olympic Committee (IOOC)