Office Olympics 2012:
The Reign of Glory

The Passing of the Torch

The Vth Office Olympiad of the Modern Era


This was a special beginning as the Artistic Director presented the new torch to the Torch Bearer and lit the flame.

The journey began to the other libraries and territories within the Office Olympics domain...

The first stop was the Chemistry Physics Library on the day of its closing. We chose this last day to honor the decades of service given in this library by all those who have worked here.

Our GPS successfully led us across campus to the Map Library

...followed by the very design conscious staff in the Fashion Library.

We interrupted the training schedule in the Architecture Library for this photo.

The entire ensemble in the Performing Arts Library could not have been more gracious.

The Office Olympic spirit continues as a strong bond with our friends in Teleproductions.

Now on to the departments within the Very Big Library

We were pleased to see the Tower's Treasures were duly protected by this Special Collections crew.

Enthusiasm bubbled up in the offices of Kent State University Press.

A big smile welcomed the torch at the Institute for Bibliography & Editing.

Writing Commons staff put down their pens when the torch arrived at their door.

Scott represented for the whole plumbing crew working in the building this summer.


But wait...there's more!

SLIS is clearly a very well-organized unit.

These Systems guys came out of their cloud just for the torch.

Taking a break from data recovery.

Blimey, what a reception from the troops in Technical Services!

Dean's Office staff took a breather from their treadmill when the torch arrived.

Reference & Instruction happily broke up their meeting to welcome the Torch and Torch Bearer who is one of their own.

Well, here they are--the members of your 2012 IOOC. (Dean Manchester in the background seems bemused--do you see rabbit ears, or is it just him?).

Houston, we have a problem. The photo of the Alps in the background clued us in that ILL staff has been training for the Winter Olympics.

Most of these Circ/Reserves athletes are serious about their work. As you see here, a couple look like they are taking "short"cuts.

Ouch, that flame is H-O-T!

The torch visited our talent-laden staff in the SMS. Thanks to them for their creative input to the Games!

Information Services is well-represented.

All those folks associated with the Provost's Office look very accomplished.

How fitting to end our journey in front of the University seal with this high-energy group.

Wait a minute!! The gals from the UL Budget Office ($$$) are anchoring the Torch Relay. Nice.

The Torch has completed its rounds--thanks to everyone for giving us such a warm welcome.

See you at the Games!



Interdivisional Office Committee (IOOC)