Office Olympics 2012:
The Reign of Glory

Opening Ceremony

The V Office Olympiad of the Modern Era


It was a beautiful day for the Opening ceremony--not so for the corn fields though.

As the crowd gathered, the presence of this magnificent cake gave promise of good eats ahead.

A hush fell over the room as the Queen entered.

Jim Bracken, Dean of Libraries, welcomed the athletes and guests.

[image from UL stock footage]

The Interdivisional Office Olympics Committee (IOOC) representative told the story of past Olympiads and of the Games that were about to play out.

Senior Associate Provost Tim Chandler charged the athletes to compete in earnest, play fairly, and follow Aristotle's advice and refrain from overtraining. The crowd was inspired.

The Olympic Anthem began playing. The Torch Bearer made her entrance and with assistance from the IOOC representative lit the Office Olympic flame.

The flame burned brightly, and the athletes cheered.

The Torch had done its work by representing the Games throughout the Library Nation.





These are the Athletes and their supporters of the Vth Office Olympiad.



Interdivisional Office Olympic Committee (IOOC)