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The Vth Office Olympiad of the Modern Era

Day 7: Closing

The last day of the Vth Office Olympiad was as memorable as any. The Royal Book Cart Drill Team performed a magnificent routine, replete with dazzling moves, an amazing medley of music with compelling dramatic interpretation, eye-catching costuming and cart deco. The 3-minute performance captivated the audience and can be relived. For still photos AND links to two different videos, go to: . Our thanks to the team of Cindy Kristof, Anita Clary, Jamie Seeholzer, and Tina Ughrin for creating this memory for us.

Their exhibition was followed by the Closing Ceremony which featured the awarding of the medals. We were so pleased too that the Queen was able to join us this day. (Where does she get those hats?) Nearly 60 medals were given out. Some athletes came to the medal stand more than once. Regretably, some of our winners were unable to attend, but co-workers eagerly picked up their medals to help out. The suspense surrounding Triathlete ended with the naming of Steve Paschen as the 2012 winner.

Events of the week called for making special awards as well. The IOOC Governing Board determined that Andy Martineau should be given the Thinking Outside the Box award for the mental gymnastics he displayed at the LC Shuffle. The Order of the Golden Crumpet went to those whose unique effort and spirit contributed to the success of this Office Olympiad. The Golden Crumpet went to:  the Royal Book Cart Drill Team, Artistic Director Hilary Kennedy, Artist-in-Residence Jesse Snyder, and Torch Bearer Jasmine Jefferson.

Quite unexpectantly, the Queen read a very nice proclamation directed toward the IOOC Coordinator and presented an official OO livery collar and a lovely custom OO pin crafted by a local artisan. It truly was touching. Then it was time to bring it all to an end. The fireworks were doused, the flame was turned off, and the torch packed up.

Yes, we have photos. They are at:

What a great week!  Thanks to all who participated and had a hand in making it happen.

In appreciation,

The Flame burned brightly

Day 6

The Games ended with a flourish yesterday. All the pent up energy of the marathon runners was let loose at the Step-in-Time Stair Marathon. Those who use these stairs on a daily basis already knew that they provide a challenge, but that experience is nothing like running against the clock to traverse these. Experience and training won out over luck on this one. The winners have our congratulations. From gold to silver, they are:  Dave Gaj, Justin May, Roger Sapp. Photos at:

The Cliffs of Dover Diving [paperclip drop] took us to the Olympic Pool. The crowd was ga-ga over what appeared to be Prince William at poolside--or was that Barbie's friend Ken? In any case, this event featured the high dive. Some athletes found the height dizzying, which affected their performance -- and not in a good way. Others were buoyed by the warm, humid breeze blowing over the venue and dropped their paperclips to glory. The medal stand will have these winners:  Beverly Heritage, Tammy Voelker, Anita Martin.  Photos at:

The much-anticipated Great Tower of London Race began in the basement dungeon. Athletes were offered the stairs as an option to get to the 12th floor tower, but almost all were willing to bet on the ancient elevator conveyence. That was one hurdle, followed by the Tower Guards who were very well-trained and disallowing of any funny business--well, almost. If you could not answer their trivia question, you did need to try to make them laugh with a joke. Once through the doors, getting the crown seemed like a piece of cake. Then all that was needed was to get back to the dungeon with speed. Ah, the elevator problem once again. Those who had Lady Luck riding with them were:  Carolyn Radcliff/Barbara Schloman, Tammy Voelker/Zoe Voelker, Jamil Sulemana.  Photos at: 

What happens next? Well, the conclusion of this Olympiad today is bound to be a smashing affair.

First, at noon, on the 8th floor: Book Cart Drill Team Exhibition!!  If you remember 2008, the crowd went wild. We should expect no less this time. Don't miss it.

This will be followed by the Medals Ceremony and the Closing of the Games on the 10th floor. If you want to see the medals you have been working for, plus the Triathlete's plaque, go to

It's been a great week. Today should provide the perfect end to the Vth Office Olympiad. Hope to see you there!

Your friends in the IOOC
The Flame burns

Day 5

What a frenetic display of athleticism was seen in last week's Games. The IOOC hopes that you used the weekend to rest up for these next, final days.

Royal Arms Archery attracted keen interest--both as a legendary event of the Games and as a Triathlon event. Veteran athletes returned, hoping to recapture some of the glory of the past. The field and targets had been carefully tended to. Quality, fresh-out-of-the-bag rubber bands were provided for each round. An uncommon number of ties led to playoff rounds. These are the athletes that will make it to the medal stand, gold to bronze:  Pam Lemmons, Cindy Kristof, Carolyn Radcliff.  Photos at:

Britannia LC Shuffle was held in the venerable British Lending Library. Every participant thought they had a chance with this event. After all, they had all retrieved a book from the stacks at one time or another. Some had even taken a course on how to assign these call numbers. Many were humbled. This was a competitive event pitting an athlete against an opponent and the clock. The IOOC Tribunal takes seriously the challenge of the athlete that used the infamous Totally Non-Standard Approach. We'll see what happens there. To the victors will go the medals:  Bob Opper, Anita Miller, Matthew Cox.  Photos at:

Chimney Sweep Shuffleboard made it clear that having a considerable experience pushing a broom was not the name of the game here. The wiley pucks (officially called "biscuits", we learned) seemed unpredictable in how they would slide--well, certainly in where they were willing to end up. The venue had its charm, as those gathered recognized they would not meet here again in the name of sport. Great fun was had, although only these athletes will walk away with medals:  Sharon Hacket, Tanner May/Diane May, Anita Clary.  Photos at:

The Triathlon results have been compiled and will be revealed at the Closing Ceremony.

Also the group photo taken at the Opening Ceremony has been posted. Can you find yourself?  At the bottom of this page:
Today's events are:

Cliffs of Dover Diving [Paperclip Drop]
Venue: Olympic Pool (Garden side of Library)
To Register
Step-in-Time Stair Marathon 
Venue: Olympic Stairdome (back stairs by May 4 Room)
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Great Tower of London Race **Team Event**
Venue: Basement Dungeon to 12th floor Tower Keep
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The Flame burns

Day 4

Tradition ruled at the Games on Day 4 as each of the four events generated fond memories from previous Olympiads. Our friends from Teleproductions accepted our invitation from 2008 to once again host Cable Coiling. The 50 foot length of coaxial cable looked more like a generous 60 feet, but what difference could ten feet really make. The event was moved indoors—reinforcing the wisdom that the IOOC has shown throughout the week—as much needed rain fell on the Field of Dreams. Most athletes had heard of the professional’s Over/Under method, but chose to coil their way. Nonetheless there were some time-defying performances. The winners from gold to bronze were:  Tom Warren, Shadi Shalkeii, Mathias Peralta.  Photos are at:

Stones of Stonehenge featured foam book dummies (really). This was a two-person team relay event held in the heart of the Reference Center collection. The “books” could be slippery little devils—calling more for agility than outright speed. An initial tie necessitated a run-off relay, which actually resulted in ties once again. But that was good enough for the judges who saw in the tied winners true greatness. The winning teams were:  gold-Medicus/Traina, Platt/Sulemana; silver-Kristof/Miller, Martineau/Brown; bronze-Clary/Lemmons, Martin/Rice.  Photos are at:

Dustbin Ball [paperwad basketball] had the added excitement of being the 2d Triathlon event. So those athletes who performed well at Diskus Throw came determined to give their personal best performance here. Those paperwads looked deceptively innocent. How hard could it be to toss those in the wastepaper can? Well the scientific explanations I heard for the difficulty of getting them in the can included—humidity, paper color, non-standard wadding. Oh, come on, people. There were also rumors of athletes giving up and throwing wads at each other. This is not yet confirmed, but we’re on it. The winners:  Gaj, Brown, Syleman. Photos are at:

This was the last day of Wimbledon Ping Pong. Eliminations were the name of the game, of course. These athletes were left standing for the final rounds:  Gold round featured D.May v T.Warren; Bronze round was M.Peralta v T.Ughrin. Tina had stepped in for Karen Hillman who was unable to attend. It has been a rigorous three days for these athletes. I’m not sure how you did with your brackets, but here are the winners from gold to bronze:  Diane May, Tom Warren, Mathias Peralta. Photos are at:  

Today’s schedule:  Royal Arms Archery is the 3rd and final Triathlon event. Chimney Sweep Shuffleboard is moved to the Budget Office area.

Royal Arms Archery [Rubberband Archery]
Venue: Robin Hood Arms (Room 152)
[Triathlon Event]
To Register

Britannia LC Shuffle [Shelving Test]
Venue: British Lending Library (Circulation backroom)
To Register

Chimney Sweep Shuffleboard
Venue: Ye Olde Copier Graveyard (old A/V area by the Budget Office, 3rd floor) -- this is a venue change
To Register
Hope to see you there. There is still more fun to be had!

The Flame still burns

Day 3

Many who participated yesterday found the events to be both exhiliarating and exhausting. Enigma raised questions about "just how do our brains work--or not?" Really, how hard should it be to unscramble a handful of letters. A few among us breezed through the event. Others shook their heads and only heard the sound of emptiness. Kudos to our Systems gurus who came up with this one. The winners from Gold to Bronze: Anita Miller, Kay Downey, Cindy Kristof.  Well done! Photos at:

Immediately next door was the venue for the Abbey Road Cross Walk [balance beam]. Some athletes feigned shyness, though they had probably been practicing in their offices for weeks. The judges were firm, but fair, in looking for difficulty, style, grace. Amazing how hard it can be to walk on a beam that is really, really close to the ground. Athletes were required to do their routines using bound volumes (Education Index, I believe). Cheers and laughter undoubtedly echoed throughout the building. The best performances did rise to the top. Medals to:  Hilary Kennedy, Cindy Kristof (again), Tina Ughrin. Photos AND select videos at:

Crumpet Crawl [donut dash] was moved from the out-of-doors to the basement scullery. Good thing too, as the added pressure of hot weather would likely have crushed our athletes and adversely affected the donuts. This was a team event. Not all donuts were the same, and early participants had the benefit of choosing modest cake donuts. The ante was then raised to full cream- or jelly-filled. The visions going through your head right now do not fully convey what happened as each team member had to eat a donut with their hands behind their back. The winners, with sugar on their faces, are: Adrienne Savoldi and Tanner May; Jamil Sulemana and Swaku Brenya; Mary Lovin and Stuart Moye.  Photos are at:

Wimbledon Ping Pong games and eliminations continued under the watchful direction of Tony Snyder. Dominating performances by victors on Wednesday has advanced them to the semifinals today--the final day of competition.
Here is today's schedule. Again, it is "nice" to register, but walk-ons are welcome. NOTE: change of venue for the Dustbin Ball to Room 334. Also, this is a Triathlon event. If you did well in the Diskus Throw, you need to participate in this one. AND Stones of Stonehenge is a team event.

Cheerio Old Chap Cable Coiling
Venue: Field of Dreams (between Cunningham and Library)
To Register

Stones of Stonehenge [Book Relay] **Team Event**
Venue: Reference Shire (Reference Center, 1st floor)
To Register
Dustbin Ball [Paperwad Basketball]
Venue: The Scullery (Room 152)
----------> CHANGE: Room 334
[Triathlon Event]
To Register
Wimbledon Ping Pong (Day 3, finals)
Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor)
You are advised to get to the Pong Common (Speak Easy) early to get a good view of these matches:  K.Hillman v T.Warren and D.May v M.Peralta.

(Remember, we are also on Facebook at:

Your IOOC Reporter
The Flame burns

Day 2

Gratefully, OO athletes were not faced with wilting on Day 2 as all games were held inside. How different these events were. The Jubilee Flyover Paper Airplane Throw brought out many participants. They probably thought back to the success they had flying paper airplanes when in junior high. Ahh, but time passes--skills fade, bodies age (what a minute! I don't like where this line of thought is going!). Well, in any case, we saw many attempts, styles, and disappointments. That made the flourishes of design brilliance all the more enjoyable. However, we hear a charge is being made that an enhancing substance was used. What might that mean? Our crack IOOC investigative team is on this to insure the integrity of the Games. The winners from gold to bronze were:  Martineau, Bracken, Sapp. Photos at:

People will be talking about the Prince of Wales Weeding Workout for a long time to come. The venue decorations created the down-to-business ambience that the event demanded. Athletes were met at the start by the High Court Judge replete with wig and gown--there would be no funny business here. The course was a magnificent demonstration of well-thought out workflow peppered with mental and physical challenges. All of this while working under the pressure of time and the watchful eyes of yet more judges. Youth won out on this one--going to the medal stand will be Cox, Skirvin, and Webb. Photos at

Wimbledon Ping Pong began this day also. Pong Common (the Speak Easy) is a great venue for this one--so much more roomy than the cramped quarters in Olympics past. Your reporter caught only part of the action. One set featured athletes who had chosen to play shoeless (channeling Zola Budd?). They did seem nimble, so maybe that was the difference. I cannot report what periodicals were chosen to serve as paddles, but one had to be happy to see them serve some purpose in this digital age. The Event Coordinator definitely knows his stuff managing the matches and dealing with the emotions that go with the inevitable eliminations. Wednesday's matches will feature: Karen Hillman v Tina Ughrin and Mary Lovin v Diane May. Photos at:

Today's events challenge the cognitive, motor, and appetite domains. Do not miss these!

Enigma [Word Challenge]
Venue: Bletchley Park (333 Classroom)
To Register
Crumpet Crawl [Donut Dash] **Team Event**
Venue: Field of Dreams (between Cunningham and Library)
To Register 

Abbey Road Cross Walk [Balance Beam]
Venue: The Eight Track (334 Classroom)
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Wimbledon Ping Pong (Day 2)
Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor)

Your IOOC Reporter
The Flame burns

Day 1: The Opening

It was a beautiful day as the sun beat down on the University Library. The athletes and guests streamed into the Hall of Athletes for the opening ceremonies. Many wore the regulation shirt with OO insignia. Not a word was spoken about the country of origin of the insignia. Some things are better left unsaid. We do know the design was done locally by our own Artist-in-Residence Jesse Snyder. Nicely done, Jesse.

The crowd began to get restless until it became clear that we were awaiting a special guest. Yes, the Queen! Once she was seated in the Royal Box, the program began. Dean Bracken greeted the athletes and guests and shared his own amazement at what was transpiring. Then the IOOC representative gave some background on the Games and what would be happening during this Vth Office Olympiad of the Modern Era. She introduced Senior Associate Provost Tim Chandler to deliver the Charge to the Athletes, commenting that S.A.P. Chandler brought a varied and deep background to this task. He did not disappoint. He called on the athletes to reach into themselves to pull out the best in sportsmanship and high-level performance. He also cautioned, as Aristotle had done before him, not to over-train. It was a sobering and inspiring Charge.

Hearts began to beat faster with the playing of the Olympic Anthem and the appearance of Torch Bearer Jasmine Jefferson. With care she lit the Olympic flame. All marveled at how the flames seemed to dance in the cauldron. All in attendance were then asked to gather for a group photo to commemorate this moment. This photo will be shared when released by the Official Photographer. [The Opening photos we do have are at:]

The food was uncovered, and the picnic began. Good food, pleasing conversation, and excitement too as the first event of the Games commenced. Once again, the Field of Dreams was the site of the Diskus Throw--the Highland Fling Diskus Throw this time. This is a Triathlon event, so many a participant envisioned greater glory. But the diskus cut many an athlete down to size--was it really the wind, the tree, a bad sector, OR just plain lack of skill?  We want to be careful here, as we work with these folks, but I think you know what I'm suggesting. More photos are being received by the hour, but to see what we have so far go to:

Don't get me wrong, there were some amazing performances. The winners and their distances are listed at:  Thanks to the Tom Warren and Joy Leavy for making this such a great event.

Today's noontime events promise challenges laced with considerable fun. They are:

Jubilee Flyover Paper Airplane Throw
Venue: RAF Field (3rd floor hallway)
To Register

Prince of Wales Weeding Workout
Venue: Royal Sweatshop (Room 370, Technical Services)
To Register
Wimbledon Ping Pong (Day 1)
Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor)
To Register

(Walk-ons are welcome, but having an idea of how many to expect helps the event coordinators too. So do register ahead of time if you can.)  The complete schedule is at:

What a beginning! The Games are off to a great start. Hope to see you there!


The Flame burns