Office Olympics 2012:
The Reign of Glory


The Vth Office Olympiad of the Modern Era

Participation is open to all staff and student assistants who work in the University Library building, plus University Library employees in other campus locations. To register, click on the "To Register" link with each event. Walkons are also welcome. Note: Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


Days 1-3
Days 4-7

Monday, July 16

Opening Ceremony
Location: Hall of Athletes (Quiet Study )

Highland Fling Diskus Throw
Venue: Field of Dreams (between Cunningham and Library)
[Triathlon Event]
Registration will be held onsite at the event.

Thursday, July 19

Cheerio Old Chap Cable Coiling
Venue: Field of Dreams (between Cunningham and Library)
----------->Changed to Cable Corridor (3rd floor hallway)
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Stones of Stonehenge [Book Relay] **Team Event**
Venue: Reference Shire (Reference Center, 1st floor)

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Dustbin Ball [Paperwad Basketball]
Venue: The Scullery (Room 152)
----------> CHANGE: Room 334
[Triathlon Event]
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Wimbledon Ping Pong (Day 3, finals)
Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor)

Tuesday, July 17
Jubilee Flyover Paper Airplane Throw
Venue: RAF Field (3rd floor hallway)
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Prince of Wales Weeding Workout
Venue: Royal Sweatshop (Room 370, Technical Services)
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Wimbledon Ping Pong (Day 1)
Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor)
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Friday, July 20

Royal Arms Archery [Rubberband Archery]
Venue: Robin Hood Arms (Room 152)
----------> CHANGE: Speak Easy (2d floor)
[Triathlon Event]

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Britannia LC Shuffle [Shelving Test]
Venue: British Lending Library (Circulation backroom)
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Chimney Sweep Shuffleboard
Venue: Ye Olde Copier Graveyard (old A/V area by the Budget Office, 3rd floor) -- this is a venue change
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Wednesday, July 18

Enigma [Word Challenge]
Venue: Bletchley Park (333 Classroom)
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Crumpet Crawl [Donut Dash] **Team Event**
Venue: Field of Dreams (between Cunningham and Library)
------->CHANGE: Basement Hallway!!
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Abbey Road Cross Walk [Balance Beam]
Venue: The Eight Track (334 Classroom)
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Wimbledon Ping Pong (Day 2)
Venue: Pong Common (Speak Easy, 2d floor)

Monday, July 23

Cliffs of Dover Diving [Paperclip Drop]
Venue: Olympic Pool (Garden side of Library)
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Step-in-Time Stair Marathon
Venue: Olympic Stairdome (back stairs by May 4 Room)
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Great Tower of London Race **Team Event**
Venue: Basement Dungeon to 12th floor Tower Keep
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Event Designations:

a "green" event

a heart-healthy event

a heart-unhealthy event

Tuesday, July 24

Book Cart Drill Team--dazzling exhibition
Venue: 8th floor

Closing Ceremony--Awarding of the Medals
Venue: Glory Manor (Room 1018)



Interdivisional Office Olympics Committee (IOOC)