Office Olympics 2012:
The Reign of Glory

Closing Ceremony

The V Office Olympiad of the Modern Era


Following the Extraordinary Book Cart Drill Team Exhibition, the Coliseum was prepared for the Medals Ceremony.

On behalf of the IOOC, the athletes were welcomed to this final event of the Vth Office Olympiad.

The Queen was in her place of Royal Honor. Anticipation was running very, very high.

The festivities began with the awarding of medals for the Highland Fling Diskus Throw.


Jubilee Flyover Paper Airplane Throw

Prince of Wales Weeding Workout

With continuing bursts of fireworks, the winners of Enigma [word challenge] proudly took the medal stand.

The Crumpet Crawl [donut dash] winners appeared to have cleaned up to receive their medals.

Abbey Road Cross Walk [balance beam]

Cheerio Old Chap Cable Coiling


Stones of Stonehenge [book relay]

Dustbin Ball [paperwad basketball] with Dave Gaj look-alike


Wimbledon Ping Pong with Event Coordinator Tony Snyder


Royal Arms Archery [rubberband archery]

Britannia LC Shuffle [shelving test]

Chimney Sweep Shuffleboard

Cliffs of Dover Diving [paperclip drop]

Step-in-Time Stair Marathon--hmmm, that must be Dave Gaj's study with Justin.

The IOOC Coordinator seems particularly animated here.

Well, that's how you get when you get to the medal stand--this for the Great Tower of London Race [jewel heist].



Regretably, not every athlete who medaled could attend the Closing Ceremony. Their colleagues promised to get their medal(s) to them.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

But, wait, there was more------->

Steve Paschen is the Triathlete of the Games for his stellar performance in diskus throw, paperwad basketball, and rubberband archery. An inspiring record of sustained excellence.

The Olympics Trivia Game was held way back at the Opening Ceremony. Now it was time to give Justin May his Trivial Prize.

The IOOC had to clean up some unfinished business. Sanction, the "death penalty"?

The unanimous decision by the IOOC Governing Board was to award Andy Martineau the Thinking Outside the Box award for the 2012 Games. This was to acknowledge (but certainly not to reward) his careful reading of the event rules and creative thinking for a Work-Around.

Oh, boy, four years is ample time for more ideas to hatch.

The Golden Crumpet was a Special Award for the 2012 Games. It was given in recognition of unique effort and spirit that contributed to the success of this Office Olympiad.

And the Golden Crumpet went to----

The members of the Royal Book Cart Drill Team for bringing such joy with their display of skilled moves and artistic interpretation: Tina Ughrin, Jamie Seeholzer, Cindy Kristof, and Anita Clary.

The ones who imbued the Games with handsome art and design: Hilary Kennedy, Artistic Director, and Jesse Snyder, Artist-in-Residence.

The 2012 Torch Bearer: Jasmine Jefferson

Oh, my, the Queen herself presented the IOOC Coordinator with a proclamation

AND an official Office Olympics livery collar

AND a custom OO pin crafted by a local artisan.

It was too much for our Coordinator.

Regaining her composure, it was time to turn off the flame...

and remove the torch...

and pack it away ...

for future Games and athletes.


What fun it has been. Thanks to everyone who made the Games of 2012 -- The Reign of Glory -- so memorable!



Interdivisional Office Olympic Committee (IOOC)