Office Olympics 2004:
The Games of the Gods

July 19 - July 28

The III Office Olympiad of the Modern Era


Passing of the Torch

Opening Ceremony
--Dignitaries' Comments

Olympic Events

Medal Standings/Results

Olympus News Network (ONN)
--Daily News Report

Closing Ceremony

Symbols and Concessions

History: Archaeological Claim


From the Archives:
1996 Office Olympics
2000 Office Olympics

The Olympic spirit is rekindled with Office Olympics 2004: the Games of the Gods! Sponsored by Libraries & Media Services, events begin on Monday, July 19, and close on Wednesday, July 28.

Participation is open to staff of Libraries & Media Services, regardless of geographical location, and to all staff from other units who work in the Main Library building. Student employees are included.

Events will be held each day from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Venues are throughout the Library and its nearby territories. Although designed to be wild and crazy, the Games are planned so as not to disrupt users and visitors to the Main Library.

Let the Games begin!


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He'peo prote'rô!
Interdivisional Office Olympic Committee (IOOC)