Office Olympics Symbols and Concessions


The Torch

Dating from the First Office Olympiad, the Office Olympics torch was designed by Jim Hurguy (now of Teleproductions, but who in 1996 participated under the Audio Visual Services flag).

Office Olympiad Identifying Symbol (this is not a logo)

1996: The Road to Glory was designed by Jim Hurguy (yes, the same Him Guy now of Teleproductions).

2000: The Games from Down Under was created by Joy Leavy, working under the Reference Department flag.


T-shirts: Once again a deal has been brokered with Kinkos for getting a t-shirt with the Office Olympiad 2000 Identifying Symbol. Their heat press machine is broken, so they will be sending any orders to another location for a turn-around time of up to 48 hours. Bring in your own 100% cotton t-shirt and the process will cost $9.95. Buy the t-shirt from them (Small through XX) and pay $15.95. The Identifying Symbol is on file with them...simply say the words "Office Olympics."


Interdivisional Olympic Committee (IOC)