Office Olympics 2000

Opening Ceremony

The II Office Olympiad of the Modern Era


Monday, September 18, 12 - 1 p.m. in the Outback Field of Dreams

Automobile Honor Guard courtesy of Executive Offices

The Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Office Olympics--the Games from Down Under--was begun by IOC Coordinator Barbara Schloman who honored the athletes for their spirit and likely skill.

She then introduced Jim Watson, Special Assistant to the President for Athletics, who has in his time been a spectator to a lot of athletic stuff. Special Assistant Watson inspired the athletes by highlighting the heritage of courage they represent from the Olde Tyme.

He was followed by Mark Weber, Interim Dean of Libraries & Media Services, who officially proclaimed the games of the II Office Olympiad to be open.


The March of the Athletes, many in their native dress, was filled with pagentry. The athletes themselves were obviously enthusiastic and bemused.
And then, with great fanfare and excitement, the 1996 Office Olympic Pentathlete Mary Lovin entered the Outback carrying the Olympic Torch. The Olympic Flame, powered by a very secretive and powerful technology, will burn throughout the Games.
And at the barbie--Cook Tom Warren!
Athletes bellied right up for a good feed.....
At least one of these Olympians has already cornered a soda pop endor$ement.

The first event, Diskus Throw, followed under full sun and with good humor.


Interdivisional Olympic Committee (IOC)