Office Olympics 2000: The Games from Down Under

Medal Standings

The II Office Olympiad of the Modern Era

Week 1
Week 2

Monday, Sept.18

Diskus Throw (a Triathlon event)
Gold: Tom Warren (103 feet)
Silver: Harry Kamens (99.5 feet)
Bronze: Gary Mote (97 feet)

Monday, Sept.25

Rubberband Archery
(a Triathlon event)
Gold: Jeph Remley
Bob Minno
Kara+ Robinson

Tae Kwan Do Klick
Gold: Linda Hermann
Connie Reinhart
Brian Giffin

Tuesday, Sept.19

Crocodile Cable Coiling

Mary Lovin
Silver: Carolyn Radcliff
Bronze: Barbara Schloman

Walk-About Telephone Tag
Team Balraj/Radcliff
Team Bahhur/Schloman and Team Leavy/O'Connor

Tuesday, Sept.26

Book Balance Beam
Gold: Gloria Tronge
Silver: Sandy Smith
Bronze: Linda Hermann

Bowling-Ball Build-o-Rama
Gold: Maruf Hussain
Jeff Gatten
Margaret Maurer

Wednesday, Sept.20

Outback Relay

Gold: The Dream Team (Deb Lyons, Brian Giffin, Erin Smith, Catie Gairing)
Silver: Crazed Catalogers (Amey Park, Melissa Spohn, Sandy Smith, Rhenee Harris)
Bronze: Undecided (Laura Salmon, Jeni, Amanda Sprochi, Connie Reinhart)

Video Cassette Boxing

Gold: Michelle Kocher
Silver: Linda Hermann
Bronze: Tom Warren

Wednesday, Sept.27

Jackaroo Jiggler Relay
Gold: The 'Girls' (Patty Scheffhauer, Michelle Kocher, Linda Hermann)
Gold: Mailroom Mayhem (Maruf Hussain, Catie Gairing, Jen Erdelyi)
Bronze: PILS Pushers (Deb Lyons, Raida Bahhur, Cindy Kristof)

Paperwad Basketball (a Triathlon event)
Gold: Dorothy Potts
Silver: Linda Hermann
Bronze: Maruf Hussain

Wrestling from Thunderdome:

Lite-Weight Middle-Weight Heavier Weight
Gold Maruf Hussain Lisa O'Connor Tom Warren
Silver Jen Erdelyi Barbara Schloman Kara+ Robinson
Bronze Ann Watson Joy Leavy Brian Giffin

Thursday, Sept.21

LC Shuffle

Gold: Deb Lyons
Jeph Remley
Bronze: Cindy Kristof

Origami Regatta
Gold: Erin Smith
Silver: Margaret Maurer
Bronze: Kate Medicus

Thursday, Sept.28

Closing Medal Ceremony

Triathlete: Tom Warren

Friday, Sept.22

Pennant Stair Sprint
Gold: Connie Reinhart
Deb Lyons
Bronze: Leela Balraj

Periodical Ping Pong
Gold: Leela Balraj
Silver: Diane May
Bronze: Tom Warren

The Run-Around
Gold: Mailroom Mafia (Catie Gairing & Brian Giffin)
Silver: The Oscars (Deb Lyons & Jeph Remley) Bronze: Wallabee Wannabees (Barbara Schloman & Leela Balraj)
That's all, Folks! Hope you had a good time!! See you in Athens in 2004............The OO IOC

Interdivisional Olympic Committee (IOC)