Office Olympics 2000: The Games from Down Under


The II Office Olympiad of the Modern Era


Participation is open to all who work in the Main Library building, plus LMS employees in other campus locations. Student employees are included. To register, send an email to our own IOC Registration Coordinator--including your name, department, and event(s) of choice.

Week 1
Week 2
Monday, Sept.18
Opening Ceremony
Diskus Throw
Monday, Sept.25
Rubberband Archery
Tae Kwan Do Klick
Tuesday, Sept.19
Crocodile Cable Coiling
Walk-About Telephone Tag
Tuesday, Sept.26
Book Balance Beam
Bowling-Ball Build-o-Rama
Wednesday, Sept.20
Outback Relay
Video Cassette Boxing
Wednesday, Sept.27
Jackaroo Jiggler Relay
Paperwad Basketball
Wrestling from Thunderdome

Thursday, Sept.21
LC Shuffle
Origami Regatta
Periodical Ping Pong

Thursday, Sept.28
Closing Medal Ceremony
Friday, Sept.22
Pennant Stair Sprint
Periodical Ping Pong (continued)
The Run-Around

Interdivisional Olympic Committee (IOC)